Indago Photography | Pet Photography

"Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them, and filling an emptiness we didn't even know we had"


I started out in photography photographing dogs, and it still remains a huge passion.

I offer both portraits and also 'Walk in the park photo shoots, where I go for a walk with you and your dog and  I photograph them as they go about their normal walk - chasing balls (or rabbits), training or working if applicable, coming back to you for a word of affirmation or a cuddle, then catching that look on your face as you realise they just came out of the river…

I also photograph dogs in their own homes and gardens, relaxing or playing in their own environment. 

Doggy photo shoots are one of my most popular services and prices start at just £60 for an hour's photo shoot and includes a 10x8"print of your choice.


Working dogs are a favourite subject, so if you are looking for a photographer on your shoot, husky race, lurcher race, agility event, sheep dog trial, protection dog training or simply your own dog at work, please get in touch I would love to hear from you!

I also photograph a lot of puppies for breeders.  The most popular age is 5-6weeks and I am happy to come to your home to do this.  Also show dogs for advertisements in show magazines which I can design for you (Derby area)

Dogs are not the only pets we care about, and I will also visit you in your home (Derbyshire based) or another convenient location to photograph other pets; I have had fun photographing horses, parrots (lots of parrots for some reason), cats and even some much loved tortoises.  

One proviso: I do not photograph anything with more than six legs.  My zoom lens just isn't long enough!

If you would like a beautiful portrait of your pet, please get in touch.