Indago Photography | Children and Teenagers


'There are two gifts we should give to our children; one is roots and the other is wings"

Children are great fun to photograph, whether it is with their siblings, again playing in a very natural environment or I also offer shoots in a more formal studio set-up for nurseries, pre-school, or even a dance school or riding school type set up.

And teenagers 

With two teenagers of my own we are going through all the ups and downs of these interesting years!!  

I love photographing teenagers.  I love capturing something of who they are now - with all the promise of who they are becoming.  And I love when they see the photos and realise that they actually really are very good looking!

  It is often easier to photograph teenagers in small friendship groups: they tend to relax more and direct the photo shoot for themselves so I can photograph both the individual and the group interactions  - a great unusual idea for teenage girl birthdays: two hour photo shoot (they can do each other's hair and make up first, order the shoot and finish with pizzas!)  Also available as a voucher for an unusual present for Birthday or Christmas - or maybe a milestone such as becoming a teenager or leaving school?